Power System Engineering

Premium Power Services, LLC provides engineering services to the utility, industrial, commercial and institutional markets. Our engineers and technicians utilize state of the art monitoring equipment and software tools when providing the following services:

  • Arc Flash Analysis
  • Short Circuit & Coordination Studies
  • Load Surveys, Monitoring & Analysis
  • Power Quality Studies
  • Power System Design
  • Single Line Diagrams

Our practical experience allows us to provide the customers with safe, reliable, cost effective solutions. Each design starts with review of existing system parameters and future system requirements. Updated single-line diagrams, arc flash calculations, short circuit and coordination data are essential to operating a safe and reliable power system. A load flow analysis should be performed before making system load changes.The overall power quality of any system starts with the initial design. Specifying the proper equipment and system components is essential for a reliable power system. Our team of power quality specialists provide the necessary engineering studies and analysis necessary to specify the proper system requirements.